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Pyramid 4000PRO Self-Totaling Clock

50 employee self totaling time clock. Prints the total every time they punch out. Simple drop-and-print operation. It can ring bells with a minor upgrade. Order from www.employeetimeclocks.net

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50 employee time clock

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Click 115 Surge ProtectorSurge Protector$0.00
Click 20 Pyramid 44100-10 time cards, 1000/bxPyramid 44100-10$0.00
Click 257 25 Card Adjustable Time Card Rack25 Card Adjustable Time Card Rack$0.00
Click 411 Pyramid 3600/400PRO/5000R ribbon (Pack of 3)Pyramid 3500/5000 ribbon$0.00
Click 82 Pyramid Bell Ringing UpgradePyramid 5300$0.00


Self Totaling Time Card Time Clock   

  • 50 employees
  • Uses readily available time cards
  • Weekly, bi-weekly and monthly
  • Does not calculate overtime, so use this for weekly, unless you are AG.
  • Pay the the minute, 100th, or round to the nearest 1/4 hour.
  • Prints running total on the card, every time you punch OUT

  • Fast set-up with toll-free English technical support (Connecticut, USA)
  • Optional Bell Ringer add-on rings loud low voltage work shift bells
  • Keeps the time for one month when power goes off
  • Restores to correct current time when power is restored
  • One Year Factory Product Replacement Guarantee
  • Reliable! Newest design - updated 2017 -  this has been on the market since 1996

  • Simply drop the card it, it feeds it through, prints and ejects
  • Easy to change cartridge ribbon, each ribbon lasts 3000 cards, more or less*
      * It's always smart to keep a spare ribbon in the drawer
  • Inexpensive, with great returns on employee labor and administrator time
  • Instantly know the time card total!

This is an actual Pyramid 4000Pro time card - actually two examples: