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TimePilot Tap - Portable System
TimePilot Tap

TimePilot Tap totally portable rechargeable time clock system. Use in office, and on work site. Available through www.employeetimeclocks.com Click on the link below.

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TimePilot TAP

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Click 384 TimePilot Package of 10 iButtonsTimePilot Package of 10 iButtons$0.00
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Click 387 TimePilot Package of 100 iButtons on Black KeyfobsTimePilot Package of 100 iButtons$0.00
Click 388 TimePilot Package of 200 iButtons on Black KeyfobsTimePilot Package of 200 iButtons$0.00
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     Time Pilot Portable Construction Site Clock:  

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The TimePilot Tap+ is a portable time and attendance time clock system.

  • Battery-powered, it charges via a USB connection to your Windows PC or laptop
  • Place it on a desktop to use in your office, or send it out to a job site, put it in the glovebox of a truck
  • It's rugged and reliable.  Run one in your office, and several out in the field as needed.
  • Get the Networked TimePilot Vetro for your office, they share the same software.
  • To operate:  Each employee gets an iButton which is in a keyfob. This hangs on their key ring
  • They simply touch the iButton to the Tap+ and it registers the punch.  
  • Take the Tap+ back to your office, plug in the USB cable - which is then automatically charging it
    - and download the punches to the password protected TimePilot software.
  • The TimePilot software has an unlimited employee capacity - no need to upgrade.
  • Each TAP can handle up to 2,000 employees. 
  • The software generates many handy reports, including Employee Time Cards and Department activity.  
  • Exports include a spreadsheet Excel file, ADP, QuickBooks and Paychex.

The Tap has a rechargeable battery that works for up to a year between charges. 
If the device becomes fully discharged, the non-volatile memory will hold the punch records for up to 5 years.

This is what you get when you order the basic TimePilot Tap:

One TimePilot Tap rechargeable terminal
One USB cable
One Software CD and installation manual*
    *Comprehensive manual is on the CD, and is printable
Ten iButton employee keyfobs
Toll-Free USA Technical Team telephone number for support

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Time Pilot exports to:

Paychex Preview
and Excel