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TotalPass Advanced Biometric

Order direct from www.employeetimeclocks.com Icon TotalPass advanced biometric completely eliminates buddy punching by accepting ALL punches and using a camera. More info, below.

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Click 125 Icon Key Fob BadgeProximity Key Fob, $2.75 each US$0.00
Click 146 RFID Proximity Badges with carrying slot (10 Pack)125MHZ RFID Proximity cards Q:10$59.00
Click 118 RFID Proximity Badges with carrying slot (25 pack)125MHZ RFID Proximity cards Q:25$0.00
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The Icon TotalPass Advanced Biometric time and attendance system
You have never seen anything like THIS before...

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  • On the third try, if the finger is still not recognized it will accept the punch and take a photo of the person attempting to punch in or out.  It will then send an email alert with that person's punch and image to a supervisor.
  • Advanced Employee Enrollment:  You set up the employee in the software.  They head to the clock, alone.  They enter their ID number. The clock prompts them to place their finger 3 times.  Self-enrollment.  No Supervisor needed. Unique to Icon (again).
  • 100 employee capacity, upgrades to 250 then 500
  • Includes Departments, Custom Manager Authorities, and 15 WEB PUNCH licenses
  • Connect up to 32 clocks locally - or across the internet, across Provinces
  • Includes 15 WEB PUNCHES, which can be used on smartphones and remote PC's
    Supports up to 50, available in packs of 5
  • The records are instantly updated when someone makes a registration
  • The records are accessible locally, and off-site.
  • Connect via USB, Ethernet, or Internet to any computer
  • Runs on any operating system - Windows, Mac, any and all systems

  • All data is stored in this terminal, and can be backed-up off of it
  • Reports include employee name, regular and 2 levels of OT hours
  • Lists paid breaks, Employee Tips aka restaurants, and Piece Counts
  • Can be set to deduct unpaid lunch time - if they do not punch out
  • Use the 15 included proximity badges, optional prox-keyfobs, or PIN numbers
    --- One employee could use a PIN, another a Badge, yet another an iPhone or desktop           
  • Exports to .CSV, QuickBooks, ADP, and Paychex
  • Custom Payroll API is available - Free

  • Eliminates inaccurate and old time sheets, once and for all
  • Employees see their running total hours when they punch out
  • Designed for weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and monthly pay periods
  • This terminal can be accessed across your network, and from anywhere on the web
  • Unlimited number of managers can access the records
  • Password protected
  • Easily link multiple clocks and multiple offices - from different locations, together
You can link up to 24 remote offices together, or 15 clocks on one local network
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Click "HERE" to download the TotalPass owners manual, which is loaded with examples, screen shots, and technical information.

Other optional upgrades include:

Mobility Pack -  
Adds enhanced SSL security
                          Sends you e-mails or text messages when select people punch IN
                          Sends you e-mails or text messages when select people punch OUT
                          Ditto - when select-or all-people are approaching OverTime
                          You tell the system what is important, it alerts you when that happens
                          E-mails to your computer, PDA, SmartPhone
                          E-mails to you, a manager, or a combination of many - you set it up

Technical Support
                         Comes with 30 days, you may upgrade to one year
Rules Plus -
                         Adds punch revision zones - stops early-in punching expense
                         Track and manage non-worked hours - Vacation, Holiday, etc.
                         Set up three accruals - Vacation, Sick, PTO and track them
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Click "HERE" to download the TotalPass owners manual, which is loaded with examples, screen shots, and technical information.

Web Punch - Sold in packs of 5, limit 5 for 25 employees (the limit):
                       Punch in and out via a remote PC, or GPS enabled iPhone!
                       If GPS enabled, it will then show their location.
                       Great for on-site repairmen, field health care workers, overnight and offsite people

Employee Upgrade to 250
Employee Upgrade to 500
Additional standard white Proximity Cards
Proximity Key Fobs - which hang on the keychain and are less likely to be shared