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Amano PIX200 Atomic Clock
Amano PIX 200

Please order at www.employeetimeclocks.com Amano PIX200 atomic time clock. Perfectly accurate. Lifetime technical support.

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Amano PIX200 Atomic Signal Employee Date and Time Clock

  • Atomic clock accuracy
  • Prints year, Month, Date, standard hours and minutes,
        or nearly any configuration you may need.
  • Automatic print, with built-in optional setting for manual print.

  • Ink ribbon condition meter, with easy to change cartridge ribbon
  • Automatic Daylight Savings Adjuster
  • Adjusts for Leap Year, month, date, and standard year changes
  • Large, (Oversize) easy to read digital time display
  • Quick, logical setup with toll-free assistance just a call away

  • Uses easily located PIX ribbons (order from us and save!)
  • Prints on any card or paper document, envelope, etc.
  • One Year Guarantee
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