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Acroprint Battery Powered Clock
Acroprint BP125

Save money, order yours at www.employeetimeclocks.com Acroprint mechanical "D" cell battery powered punch clock. Runs 8 - 12 months on just 4 batteries. Rugged and reliable. 2 year guarantee!

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BP125 Battery Powered Clock

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Click 186 Acroprint Punch Clock RibbonAcroprint 125 and 150 ribbon$0.00
Click 11 E2 2 sided time cardsBi-weekly time card box of 1000$0.00


The Acroprint BP125 ("Battery Powered 1-2-5") Remote Punch Clock

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  • Great for construction sites, trailers, cell towers, work vans, and more
  • No-rust construction, they last for many, many years
  • Quartz controller circuitry¬†keeps very accurate time in rough conditions
  • Easy set-up, easy operation
  • Prints on any time card, work sheet, or ticket
  • One Year Guarantee
  • Custom order. Once ordered, it cannot be exchanged for a different print format