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TimeClocksCanada.com is a North American Company.
Yes, we are a USA company, since 1990. We respect the rules of Canadian commerce. We pay Provincial sales taxes (some of your money stays at home), and are we are bonded in Canada. Our experience goes back to the 1960's, when we were an actual office machine reseller and repair center in Niagara Falls.
NOMDA - North American Office Machine Dealers Association
CRDA - Cash Register Dealers Association
APA - American Payroll Association
SHERM - Society for Human Resource Management
BBB - Better Business Bureau
ITLMA - International Time and Labor Management Association
(formely the National Time Equipment Association)
(formerly the Amano Dealers Association)
Friends of Strays - Used dogs and cats that need good homes.
UCS - The Union of Concerned Scientists

We have the experience, and industry contacts to help you.

We have been in the time clock business since the days of ledger sheets, pencils, and erasers. Back in 1991, 99% of the time clocking and shop timer systems were just metal gears and motors, with a few small circuit boards. That began to change in 1992. By 1997, computerized time clocking systems were starting to catch-on. You may recall that we were living in the world of Windows 3.11, 95, Lotus, Borland, Cobol, Corel WordPefect, Simply Accounting, DacEasy, ADP, PayChex, and Peachtree.

As recently as 2001, people were still suspicious of biometric fingerprint readers, and "smart phones" were non-existant - the word had not been invented! Few companies had Wide Area Networks, LAN's were unreliable, and the web was still considered a dangerous place to shop. How things have changed, and how quickly..

As a former office machine repairman (and company owner) back in the 1970's I had seen this all happen before:
Word processors killed the typewriter repair business.
Desktop calculators killed the adding machine and cash register business.
Remember IBM C series typewriters? Selectrics?
SCM, Remington, Royal or Underwood?
Great engineering companies like Olivetti, Victor, Clary, Hermes.
All gone - or greatly diminished.
Electronic cash registers killed the mechanical cash register repair business.
Remember the huge Anchor, NCR, Sweda, and Victor mechanical registers?
We have been through this twice. The second time, we saw it coming. Perhaps you can relate?

Over the years, we have studied the industry and the applications. With employee #2, (a now retired industry veteran/on pension), we installed the systems, and supported the software. We hired (and fired) quite a few people to get here. I've had cuts and bruises, been to the brink and back during the first few years, and put in the long hours, making the sacrifices and never stopped learning, never stopped working, and despite it all, because of my responsibility to my family. We are now 5 people strong, and growing.

We worked hard, through tough times. Twenty-five years later I can tell you, it worked.

This website addresses the need to offer products than we cannot effectively fit in to our other websites architecture or theme. However, everything you see there, you will also see here, and more. Every system we sell comes with the endorsement of our company, and our friends and associates in the time and attendance industry, developed over the past twenty years. All of our prices are in CDN dollars.

Our address is:
Time Clocks Canada
10387 Gandy Blvd N.
Suite 102D
Saint Petersburg, Florida, 33702-2428